Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pobody's Nerfect without a lil' practice

Here is a quick snapshot of our lovely practice space. We share it with our pals in the band The Gunshy. It is small, but it used to be smaller with the ratty old hand-me-down couch that some guys gave us across the hall. They also gave us insulation panels adorned with some of the best posters Spencer's Gifts has to offer, i.e. College John Belushi, The Periodic Table of Alcohol and a woman bent over in a bikini grabbing a beer out of the bottom of the refrigerator. Some nights, if we are lucky, we are treated to a lovely bombardment of faux thrash metal on either sides of our walls. More reliably however, we are blessed with a rendition of the one song that the grindy nu-metal band across the hall knows. Yes! There is a breakdown with a bell ride. There is also a stolen barricade near the entrance of the hallway that used to read "Children Crossing," but now reads "Children Pooping." 

Matt found some weird pills outside of the practice space and decided to eat them before we could talk him out of it. I'm not sure if he was trying to get rid of a headache or what, but he was in a very smiley mood most of practice. He was playing the bongos half of the time and I'm not even sure where he got those bongos.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer gets a thumbs UP

This picture was taken by Matt last summer on our first tour out west. We played in Fort Collins, CO at an abandoned school house called "The School House." It may or may not have been the last show held there, because all of the amazing people living there were moving out. It had a giant working school bell and was just perfect for throwing big sweaty rock shows. They made us pancakes in the morning and taught us how to train hop. The picture above is Ben and I watching the local ska band play to a bunch of kids un-ironically skanking and enjoying the shit out of it. I know I can speak for the rest of the fellas when I say this image captures the feeling of the whole tour.

We're still holing up and scheduling in practices to iron out our new songs. We have 3 main ones that we are kicking into submission and will hopefully be recording again in the next few weeks. Two of them have stoner rock grooves. One of them has a drum solo. One of them has trumpet. One of them sounds like The Fast and the Furious. All of them have Big Muffs. We want to play them for you so badly.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where there were eyes, there's only space

They will always have a big chunk of my heart set aside for them. I owe a severe debt to Joey Santiago's guitar playing and I'm sure I've blatantly ripped it off many times. I've always wanted to cover the song "Broken Face," because it may be my favorite song by them (or maybe 'Tame'). It is not their best song. It is not their most well-composed song. I like it best because it is a stripped down and straight-ahead rocker, which I think is Pixies at their peak. It contains Black's awesomely nonsensical but evocative lyrics, which so many bands try to mimic and fail. It has the hyper-spastic catchiness to match any of their best work.

When Geronimo! recorded the "What Happened to Your Face?" EP last summer, we recorded our own cover version for fun. And it was fun. You should go learn a song by one of your favorite bands. You'll also have fun.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

...And we all felt a deep warmth

I had most of the day off from work today. Seeing as the rain has squashed my plans of bathing in the sun with a PBR, I'm now bathing in the glow of the computer screen with a PBR. Not really though. PBR is more of a night time drink ya chuckleheads.

What do we have here you ask? Oh! It's the new blog for Geronimo! I get questions sometimes from friends asking if we are up to anything COOL and sometimes we are. This is one of those times. Now you don't have to ask me anymore and make me feel awkward for wanting to talk for like an hour about our band and you can just ch-ch-check this mega-sweet blog from time to time. No one really looks at myspace these days. It's kind of a drag going over there.

We just got done recording this past holiday weekend. We holed up in Ben's parents home in Rockford for 3 days and recorded 7 full band tracks with the help of our mentor and sexy confidant, Josh Miller. He took that picture of us recording. He also brought his dog, B.A. who chased us in the backyard and bit us and stuff. He was SORELY missed on Saturday and Sunday. We love B.A.

Special thanks to our friends in Kid You'll Move Mountains who let us steal some of their gear and Matt Gunshy and E-Van Estwing who let us borrow their nice things. Not to mention the one and only Nick Papaleo who let us borrow some SERIOUSLY nice crap. I wasn't familiar with the Neuman microphone before this recording, but it made my guitar tone sound like a Tyrannosaurus stomping through the jungle. I wanted to take the mic to bed with me but Ben talked me out of that.

So we aren't playing much this summer and are busying ourselves writing, writing and recording for our upcoming full-length album. Not sure when that will be available but we are losing sleep with ideas running around in our heads. Hopefully sometime in mid-fall to winter. BLAWG!