Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sock Monkey Sound Interview

Have you seen the Rock Men who safely guard the Rock River? The wooden Loch Ness monster majestically poking its head above the waves of the Rock River near the Auburn St./Spring Creek Rd. bridge? Feasted upon layers and layers of shredded beef at the Fire Station-themed Beef-a-Roo? Browsed through the used CD selection at the now-defunct Media Play?? Then you, beloved soul, are a Rockford, Illinois elite. I raise a glass of Carlyle Vanilla Stout to you.

However, you need not hail from Rockford to enjoy the interview/live performances we recorded our city's own Sock Monkey Sound Podcast. There is some wonderful silliness going on over there and Geronimo! applauds all those involved (Chip Copeland, Brandon Lutmer, Patrick Delehanty, Mark Gustafson) for giving all us Rocktown-inites another reason to swell with pride. Outta the way Panino's! Listen to our "interview" right here .

I should probably make a post about the awesome shows we have lined up, and the fact that our album is practically finished, but I'm saving that for later. As always, stay tuned ya chuckleheads.