Monday, November 23, 2009

Not the best at updating this blog

Hi friends. There's been a lot going on with Geronimo! lately, but I have not informed you about any of it. I feel bad for this, I hope this can all be straightened out very soon. You are a lovely person.

Our dear friend Dave Setiawan recorded a horns cover of one of our older songs, "God's Hands." Entitled "Mod's Hands," the song can be found on his Myspace page at The man is a brilliant musician and nothing more needs to be said about his sexiness, other than it is all very true. We are all pleased as punch and flattered as a pancake.

We are in the heart of mixing our record, "Fuzzy Dreams," with Mr. Josh Miller. We can't even wait to show you the results. Expect it to drop like a goddamn bowling ball onto your skull in the so distance future. Check out our myspace page, for the dates we are filling in for our next winter tour in January. You need to take a road trip soon, when's the last time you did that? Here's your excuse ya chucklehead.

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