Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nothin' at the top but a bucket and a mop

Wowee wow wow. Sometimes you try so hard not to crap your pants with excitement, but when we found out we would be playing with THE MEAT PUPPETS we just let go. (Deets at the bottom) We are thrilled to death to get this opportunity and we hope everyone out there in Internet dream land will come on out and see it go down.

We also have two other ridiculously fun show announcements in Chicago for the fall. The first is a show with one of our favorite bands, our good buddies in Wolf Nation. It is also with our other good friends, the Secret Colours. It will be one of their first official shows so we are really happy to be part of their rock history when the big leagues come knocking at their door to say "We want you. Come over here." And we can say that we knew they were sexy all along. We played with them for crying out loud. At the Bottom Lounge. (Deets at the bottom, getting this?)

The next show we have lined up is just a whopper of a hootenanny (removed as an official word from Webster's). I (KJ) will be performing double duty that night for the first time when we team up with the secret lovers in the other band I play in, Picture Books. Also, our great buddies from back when they played as a two-piece at house shows with Corey Wills on guitar and also playing a bass drum at the same time and this other guy that played after them who kept prefacing each song he wrote by saying that it "came from a really emotional place" and then also screwing up the songs making it a really weird thing for someone SITTING RIGHT IN FRONT, Inspector Owl. Can you even stomach how much this rules? Just barf already! (Look at the bottom of the page for full show details ya chucklehead)

In the midst of everything, we will still be diligently writing and recording for our full-length album, tentatively titled 'Hotel Awesome,' or 'Geronimo! Gets Really Pissed and Shreds.' We will be heading back to the G! Cave for some more recording with the phenomenally pleasant Joshua Miller (if he's reading this, please bring your dog for us to pet).

Wednesday Sept. 9
Geronimo! w/ Wolf Nation, Secret Colours
Bottom Lounge
1375 W Lake St., Chicago IL
21+, 8pm
Not sure bout the clam sitch

Sunday Oct. 18
Geronimo! w/Picture Books, Inspector Owl, A Million Years
Double Door
1572 N Milwaukee Ave., Chicago IL
21+, Doors at 7pm, show at 8

Wednesday Nov. 13
Geronimo! w/ The Meat Puppets
Otto's Niteclub
118 E. Lincoln Hwy., DeKalb IL
21+, 9pm

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