Monday, August 3, 2009

Buddy Bars and broken bottles

We spent the weekend in Rockford again. Our good friends in Wolf Nation played a raucous rock show at our favorite Rockford venue, CJ's Lounge. They stayed over at Ben's parents house with us along with two other really great bands from North Dakota. Laughs aplenty amongst shards of pizza, Sun Chips and Buddy Bars.

While not relaxing in front of the 10-inch television watching Eastbound and Down, we got down to BIZNASS, slammed a few Heineken lights (HEINE SLAM) and laid down some vocal tracks. We used Ben's reel to reel to record the takes and are very happy with the results. We are sending 6 tracks to our main man Josh Miller to mull over and make us sound like we know whats what. The picture above was taken in the aftermath of our broken bottle recording session. The picture below was me using the picture taking excuse to not have to help clean up. We also have some shows for the fall in the works with our buddies in Inspector Owl. We also have a crazy/insane/how the crap did this happen show announcement in the future that we can't tell you about at the moment. STAY TUNED 

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