Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pobody's Nerfect without a lil' practice

Here is a quick snapshot of our lovely practice space. We share it with our pals in the band The Gunshy. It is small, but it used to be smaller with the ratty old hand-me-down couch that some guys gave us across the hall. They also gave us insulation panels adorned with some of the best posters Spencer's Gifts has to offer, i.e. College John Belushi, The Periodic Table of Alcohol and a woman bent over in a bikini grabbing a beer out of the bottom of the refrigerator. Some nights, if we are lucky, we are treated to a lovely bombardment of faux thrash metal on either sides of our walls. More reliably however, we are blessed with a rendition of the one song that the grindy nu-metal band across the hall knows. Yes! There is a breakdown with a bell ride. There is also a stolen barricade near the entrance of the hallway that used to read "Children Crossing," but now reads "Children Pooping." 

Matt found some weird pills outside of the practice space and decided to eat them before we could talk him out of it. I'm not sure if he was trying to get rid of a headache or what, but he was in a very smiley mood most of practice. He was playing the bongos half of the time and I'm not even sure where he got those bongos.

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