Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer gets a thumbs UP

This picture was taken by Matt last summer on our first tour out west. We played in Fort Collins, CO at an abandoned school house called "The School House." It may or may not have been the last show held there, because all of the amazing people living there were moving out. It had a giant working school bell and was just perfect for throwing big sweaty rock shows. They made us pancakes in the morning and taught us how to train hop. The picture above is Ben and I watching the local ska band play to a bunch of kids un-ironically skanking and enjoying the shit out of it. I know I can speak for the rest of the fellas when I say this image captures the feeling of the whole tour.

We're still holing up and scheduling in practices to iron out our new songs. We have 3 main ones that we are kicking into submission and will hopefully be recording again in the next few weeks. Two of them have stoner rock grooves. One of them has a drum solo. One of them has trumpet. One of them sounds like The Fast and the Furious. All of them have Big Muffs. We want to play them for you so badly.

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