Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where there were eyes, there's only space

They will always have a big chunk of my heart set aside for them. I owe a severe debt to Joey Santiago's guitar playing and I'm sure I've blatantly ripped it off many times. I've always wanted to cover the song "Broken Face," because it may be my favorite song by them (or maybe 'Tame'). It is not their best song. It is not their most well-composed song. I like it best because it is a stripped down and straight-ahead rocker, which I think is Pixies at their peak. It contains Black's awesomely nonsensical but evocative lyrics, which so many bands try to mimic and fail. It has the hyper-spastic catchiness to match any of their best work.

When Geronimo! recorded the "What Happened to Your Face?" EP last summer, we recorded our own cover version for fun. And it was fun. You should go learn a song by one of your favorite bands. You'll also have fun.


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