Saturday, January 16, 2010

Curl Up and Dye

Here's a video of us playing "Breed" by this band Nirvana. Our new friend Goose shot the footage in Little Rock, Arkansas at Pizza D'Action. They gave us free beer and pizza and were total sweethearts. Matt won a ping pong match against a guy named Lance. I leaned back on a table on fell on my ass during the end of a song. Goose let us stay two nights at his unbelievable semi-mansion with about 3,000 TV channels and a dog named Mabel who Matt thought looked like a warthog. The night before we also played in Little Rock at a totally rad venue called Vino's Brewpub. The kids that came out were really excited to hear music and the show was a real blast. After we went to a bar called Speakeasy with a woman named Monet. There was a jazz piano player sounding amazing and they played a jazz rendition of 'Everything in Its Right Place.'

Last night we played in Fort Worth, Texas at a really well-run D.I.Y. space called 1919 Hemphill. We played to another bunch of kids that were all excited to see music and hang out. It's really refreshing to go around the country and find these little pockets where kids are setting up shows, helping out bands and getting people out to support music. The bands we played with were INCREDIBLE. Big Fiction was a cross between The Jesus Lizard and Refused and the drummer rocked so brutally he went and puked on a skate ramp immediately after they finished. Decades played last and had one of the most energetic frontmen we've ever witnessed. When not writhing on the ground screaming into the microphone, he was running around the audience yelling his guts out and doing front flips onto the concrete. Please check out both bands because on top of putting everything they have into their music they are completely awesome duders.

We saw the new Cowboys stadium in Arlington today and it looked like something out of a science fiction movie. Seriously, big-as-hell. We're in Denton, Texas right now hanging out in a coffee shop waiting to play another show with free pizza at the Hot Box. One week left until we get back to lovely and frigid real life!!

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