Saturday, January 9, 2010

Don't mind if I Duplex

Sitting in Louisville, KY. It's almost midnight here and the boys and I are leafing through a crazy book collection (Radical Dude, The Secret Life of Teens, 500 Best Metal Albums of All Time) and drinking Kentucky Tavern whiskey. Played a show earlier tonight with a couple of bands in a living room type area with only space heaters. The heat in the place is broken, and the main room with a stage and lots of space feels like a garage. The pipes are frozen so the bathroom doesn't work, and the closest bathroom nearby is a Dizzy Whizz fast food restaurant where you have to get a key and go outside somewhere where the bathroom is. Matt just found out someone left Dizzy Whizz french fries under a chair and is looking for a microwave. Tour is good, people.

Played last night at Casa Cantina where they gave us a free 30-pack of PBR. We played last out of 3 for some reason. After the local bands no one stuck around, but by the end of the set a bunch of drunk people were up front and having a good time, so it ended up being a lot of fun. Running out of free CDs faster than we thought. Stood in line for 15 or 20 minutes at Big Mama's Burritos and it was glorious. I made the mistake of trying to replicate an Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode and put my burrito in my top coat pocket and eat it without my hands. Refried beans are difficult to wash off.

DeKalb was amazing as usual. Good friends, played some Lady Gaga and Nirvana and watched a folk band take an hour and a half to set up, play and tear down. Next stop is Knoxville, TN where we'll meet with our pal Karl Shuster (sp?) for some Pilot Light action. Oh yeah, Matt won a romance novel at the show last night! There were two really pretty people in a super intense embrace on the front.

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