Thursday, January 28, 2010

Design Yourself a Fart

So we made it back in one piece from tour. All in all, it was a giant big ball of success and fun. Can't say enough about how fun it was to play shows with our pals in polarOPPOSITEbear in Wichita and Lawrence. Any band swinging through Iowa should definitely check out Ames Progressive where the kids are cool and the surrounding bars have ridiculously cheap beer and free food. Oh yeah, we also found a kitten in Texas on the side of the highway and took him along with us. He is biting the side of my computer as I type this. His name is Mowgli.

While on our way to Wichita, we stopped through Stillwater, Oklahoma. We talked to Nathan Poppe, who tapes bands live or in their practice spaces and posts them to his blog. Since we weren't playing live and only had a couple of hours, he suggested we just set up in his apartment and play a song really quick before someone complained about the noise. We loaded our gear into his place, set up, Matt deadened his drums with shirts and socks and we did one take through 'Design Yourself a Heart.' We then loaded out and played a show in Wichita. It was a total blast. Check out the result below, the sound is all from one small handheld camera,and I was shouting to try and cut through the mix.

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